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Honesty is the basis for providing all the procedures and services that our Da Vinci Dental clinic carries out. We strive to show and implement the expected results, provide extensive consultations and give advanced advices.


One of the most important keys to a healthy life is the interaction and communication. To assist and achieve an absolutely positive result, we expand, improve, regenerate our skills and practices, thereby successfully implementing it in our daily work.


The main goal of our clinic is to provide the patient the opportunity to choose objective, correct, individual, and the most important, affordable treatment and care methods followed by all international standards.


In the modern world, appearance is very important, and a healthy, because snow-white smile is the main decoration for everybody. Sometimes, the business result and life events depends on a smile. A person with a healthy, smooth, snow-white smile always feels confident in any company.

Are you interested in healthy and snow-white smile? The dental clinic Da Vinci Dental offers a wide range of services for the treatment, restoration and aesthetics.We offer the professional services which you can safely trust. We are ready to quickly and painlessly to solve your dental health.


The clinic Da Vinci Dental provides absolute sterility in accordance with the standards of infection control and sterilization protocol approved in the European Union, as well as ongoing internal monitoring of the quality of services. According the Organization of Infection Control`s the Da Vinci Dental Clinic is working to the good of patients and medical personal, and also has the status of "Clean Hospital is the Safe for Patients" and is listed in the Ukrainian Registry!

We care about the health of our patients and protect them from cross-infection.

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