Dental implantation and gum plastics

At Da Vinci Dental Clinic, if conditions are appropriate immediately after tooth extraction, we perform dental implantation in one visit. This can speed up the recovery of full masticatory function by 5-6 months.


What happens after tooth extraction

Classical tooth extraction occurs with the loss of the so-called bundle bone, and, consequently, the inevitable loss of alveolar bone tissue, which then needs to be restored by additional surgery (bone augmentation) using various bone replacement materials.

To achieve the expected results, the restoration of the alveolar bone level (the part of the jaw where the tooth is located) requires additional time (around 4-6 months) and often patients do not want to waste that amount of time and live without a tooth.

Simultaneous dental implantation – what is its advantage?

Simultaneous dental implantation allows you to reduce rehabilitation time, maximize the volume of your own tissues, which are better than artificially formed, and combine two different surgical procedures in one visit: tooth extraction and dental implant placement, avoiding scarring and their negative consequences.

During implantation, we restore and preserve not only the volume of bone tissue, but also the volume of the gums that protect the implant, which in the long run provides stability, function and aesthetics, acting as an important barrier against bacterial penetration and contamination (infection) of the implant’s porous surface!

All surgical manipulations during dental implantation are performed by the doctor with a 6-fold magnification, which is possible thanks to the prismatic system of optical lenses, and, as a result, allows the use of minimally traumatic techniques (dental microsurgery).

To restore the bone tissue of the jaw, we use materials from manufacturers with a proven reputation, which confirm their experience with scientific publications and clinical results:

  • collagen self-absorbing membranes and bone material BioOss from the Swiss company Geistlich;
  • enamel-matrix protein complex Emdogain;
  • Swiss dental implants by Straumann;
  • Korean dental implants by Osstem, MegaGen.

Thanks to the use of advanced minimally invasive techniques in our practice, having a quality material and technical base, we achieve a soft, fast and painless rehabilitation. We have good and stable results, which we have observed for many years.

Why do you need plastic for implantation?

Your own teeth and implants should be completely surrounded by gums. Lack of gums causes bone loss and forms "pockets" that provoke even more inflammation and loss of both teeth and dental implants.

Gum augmentation is recommended in 95% of dental implantation cases, and is also necessary when exposing the roots of the teeth - the so-called gums recession.

Recession causes increased sensitivity of the roots, tooth root caries, destruction of the root zone, wedge-shaped defects and unaesthetic appearance.

We use different techniques for gum plastics, as Da Vinci Dental surgeons regularly improve their skills, sharing experiences with Western colleagues and are full members of ITI - an influential international implantologist group, whose treatment and recommendations are based on clinical trials.