Prevention of dental diseases is one of the most important measures to preserve the health of the whole organism.
The preventive actions in the dental clinic imply professional cleaning (removal of soft and hard dental deposits) with the help of ultrasound and the AirFlow system, deep fluoridation of teeth, replacement of old restorations and most importantly, caries treatment.
We recommend to conduct a routine inspection at least once every six months.

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Integrated professional oral hygiene using ultrasound and the apparatus "AIR FLOW" 1400 UAH
Removal of dental plaque with ultrasound (2 jaws) 700 UAH

X-ray Diagnostics

X-ray diagnostics is the first and final step in quality treatment. It is necessary as for establishing diagnosis as for monitoring the treatment process.
The X-ray diagnostics allows the doctor to make correct diagnosis more accurately. By the way the correct diagnosis is 50% of successful treatment.
Dental clinic Da Vinci Dental offers this type of X-ray diagnostics:
  • Aim X-ray image;
  • Orthopantomogram;
  • Computed tomography (CT 2D, 3D); (КТ 2D, 3D);
  • Computed tomography of the TMJ.

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Initial consultation IS FREE!
Initial consultation with a treatment plan 300 грн
Aimed digital x-ray image 150 UAH
CT scan from 350 UAH
Orthopantomography 280 UAH

Caries Treatment and Filling

Caries is one of the most common disease among people of different ages. It can becaused by various factors: poor hygiene, daily exposure to organic acids, genetic predisposition, diseases of other body systems, etc. But, unfortunately, most of us ask for dental help when the disease causes complications and causes acute pain. Regular visits to the dentist, could identify and prevent decay of the teeth at the initial stage, and effectively eliminate its dissimination with the possibility of maximum preservation of the living tissues of the tooth.

For the painless and high-quality caries treatment of any complexity, the specialists of the Da Vinci Dental clinic use up-to-date materials and tools.

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Drawing up the periodontal card 500 UAH
Plasmolifting gums (1 jaw) 1800 UAH
Application of drug film, adhesive paste, medical dressing and applications (1 jaw) 500 UAH
Closed curettage (2-4x teeth) 700 UAH
Open curettage (2 teeth) 1200 UAH

Treatment under the microscope

The channel treatment is always blind treatment. Therefore, in our work we use high-precision medical optics - the CJ-OPTIK Vario Focus microscope. Its allows the doctor to conduct a very accurate and effective treatment of root canals with their subsequent high-quality filling, which, unfortunately, is impossible with conventional treatment.

Endodontic treatment without using a microscope does not give a 100% guarantee of a positive result.

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Endodontic root canal treatment (1/2/3) 800/1300/1700 UAH
Root canal filling (1/2/3) 600/900/1200 UAH
Uncompressing one root canal 1000 UAH
Removing a foreign body from the root canal 700 UAH
Using a microscope 450 UAH

Children's dentistry

The appointment is carried out in a playful way. Before sitting in a chair, the child will certainly make friends with the doctor. He can learn everything that interests him about the procedures and the doctor’s tools. A warm and friendly atmosphere will facilitate easy reception without fear and pain.
We can perform the procedure by sedation treatment - treatment in a dream. The kid will not even remember that he was seeing a dentist.
And at the end of the appointment, a brave little hero will be awarded with a surprise and a certificate of merit. J

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Baby tooth extraction during physiological change 300 UAH
Extraction of a baby tooth in case of complicated caries 300 UAH
Professional tooth cleaning with pastes (1 jaw) 300 UAH
Tooth restoration 850 UAH
Staging a seals from a glass-inomeric material 500 UAH
Stamping a composite material 600 UAH
Endodontic treatment of a single root canal 300 UAH
Filling one root canal 250 UAH


More often, modern technologies and methods of treatment allow you to save the tooth, but there are exceptions where surgical intervention becomes the only way. Surgical manipulations allow the patient to return a beautiful smile, by installing implants, restore bone tissue, get rid of cysts.
Thanks to innovative technologies and equipment, any of surgical treatment today is completely safe and painless.

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Simple tooth extraction 650 UAH
Surgical wisdom tooth extraction from 1500 UAH
3-4 degree tooth extraction 350 UAH
Sinus lifting (without biomaterial) from 4500 UAH
Plastic Bridle 1500 UAH

Implantation and prosthetics

Implantation is very popular nowadays. This can be explained by durability, quick installation, safety and aesthetics. Implantation is a method of restoring lost teeth by installing an implant in place of the tooth root, which will serve as the basis for subsequent prosthetics.
Dental prosthetics allows you to restore gaps in the dentition and prevent violations of the dentition. The use of ceramic and metal-ceramic crowns, removable and fixed prostheses will help to restore the chewing function and aesthetic appearance of a smile.

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Implant installation “Dentis” (Korea) 10000 UAH
Implant installation “Strauman” (Switzerland) 25000 UAH
Microimplant installation 3500 UAH
Cermet Crown 3500 UAH
Metal-free ceramic / zirconia (crown / veneer) 7500 UAH
Plastic temporary crown (clinical method) 600 UAH
Metal-ceramic crown on the implant 4000 UAH
Metal-free ceramic / zirconia crown on implant 8000 грн

Aesthetic dentistry

Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of perfect teeth from nature. The dull color of the enamel, the wrong bite, the curvature of the dentition-are the frequent problems. Removing plaque and professional photobleaching will help the patient get his dream smile.
The main method for correcting malocclusion is orthodontic treatment. At Da Vinci Dental Clinic, we are ready to help patients of any age with modern treatment methods: removable and non-removable devices, bracket systems, mouth guards, the use of microimplants.

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Consultation with orthodontist 250 UAH
Diagnostic model of the dentition (2 jaws) 600 UAH
Metal bracket - system (1 jaw) 11000 UAH
Ceramic braces (1 jaw) 16000 UAH
Sapphire braces (1 jaw) 20000 UAH
Self-ligating bracket system (1 jaw) 22000 UAH
Lingual bracket - one jaw system 34000 UAH
System Kappa "Invizilayn" 140000 UAH
Teeth whitening system MagicSmile (USA) STOCK! 1800 UAH
Комплекс White Spa STOCK! 2499 UAH
Homemade whitening Opalescence (USA) (a series of finished caps) 3000 UAH

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