Initial diagnosis and planning

What are the advantages of the initial diagnosis of the oral cavity at Da Vinci Dental

At Da Vinci Dental we offer a comprehensive approach to treatment. This means that we try to find and treat each cause instead of listing the same disease consequences.


The fact is that we cannot endlessly treat the symptoms. Sooner or later the body's reserves run out and one day the results can be irreparable. And trouble does not come alone, so each pathology (disease) entails another. After all, complex problems require complex solutions.

Our initial consultation is an important diagnostic procedure, allowing us to compose a detailed treatment plan. This is not just a conversation, but a detective work where doctor tries to solve a case happened many years ago. Finding the cause of the disease or pathology and correcting it is not a simple task, so we often collect the anamnesis, the patient's medical history and analyze it at a doctors’ council. Because two heads are always better than one!

Stages of the initial consultation

The consultation lasts 60 - 90 minutes and includes:

  • Collection of anamnesis (the most detailed information about the general body condition, which will help the doctor to quickly diagnose and choose the right treatment method)
  • Intraoral examination (we carefully examine all surfaces of the teeth and mucous membranes)
  • CT diagnosis of the upper and lower jaw with the NewTom GO 3D device (we can see in detail the teeth and bone tissue in all planes on the picture)
  • Photo-diagnostics, performed by a modern professional Nikon camera, which will help to look at your own teeth condition from the inside
  • Impression for diagnostic models in cases where the doctor needs to perform additional analysis and calculate different treatment options

The next stage - we discuss the problems found, show them in photos and CT images of teeth, get acquainted with the possible risks and consequences of non-interference in this pathology, demonstrate the results of treatment of other patients with a similar situation.

Before starting treatment, our team considers all your wishes and will begin treatment according to the best methods, considering the latest European standards for maintaining dental health.

Quite often patients were never told about multiple aspects of their teeth health before visiting our clinic.
We develop a detailed dental treatment plan, considering all possible dental services, indicating the approximate schedule, number of visits and financial component. If the situation allows - we make some alternative plans. Of course, the dental treatment plan may change during treatment, but strategy is NOT!!!

Doctors at Da Vinci Dental Dental pay special attention to a detailed explanation of the need for each stage of treatment. It is very important for us that you understand why we will act in this way and what we result we strive to get. We answer all your questions.

Additional methods for the primary diagnosis of the oral cavity

Sometimes, in addition to dental CT of the teeth, we need additional methods of examination such as MRI of the joint or TRG, which are performed in other medical institutions. Then we postpone composing the plan until all diagnostic examinations results are obtained. As a result, we get a clear dental treatment plan and understanding of all its stages.

It is important to understand that each stage is equally important for you and for us. Because of this, we need to always follow the correct sequence of actions according to the composed and approved treatment plan, leaving no room for error.