Periodontal treatment and professional hygiene

At DaVinci Dental most gum problems are solved at the level of comprehensive professional oral hygiene, including Airflow, which the patient must undergo every six months. Even though a periodontist is a surgical specialty you should not worry - the doctor doesn't take the scalpel right away!


Although some cases do require more detailed attention and individual approach to treatment. And only 4-6% of these are microsurgical perio-interventions.

What is the essence of oral hygiene

The essence of treatment, both conservative and surgical, is to identify and eliminate the biggest enemy of gums - tartar and teach the patient hygiene. Unfortunately, there is no "magic wand" for the treatment of periodontal diseases. This is a very difficult and important cooperation between the doctor and the patient, which directly affects the result of the work. How exactly the doctor will perform the manipulation - is a small part of successful periodontal treatment. It is important how the patient will follow the recommendations, maintain the regime and techniques of professional hygiene, visit doctor in time for prevention.

Gum diseases are directly related to the composition of our saliva, which we cannot change, and therefore cure the disease forever. That is, after success in treatment, the disease can return if you forget about it, stop paying attention to personal and professional cleaning of the oral cavity, skip following all the rules and instructions of your doctor, do not use specific care products for teeth, gums and tongue.

Our specialists are guided exclusively by the methods of evidence-based medicine and modern protocols, which is the most appropriate in the treatment of periodontitis. They regularly deepen their knowledge and skills, are full members of UAP (Ukrainian Association of Paradontologists).

A beautiful smile is not just about beautiful teeth. The perception of a smile is largely determined by the architecture and appearance of the gums. We, doctors, call it "pink" aesthetics. For us, pink and strong gums are the greatest joy and reward, because it means that both the patient and the doctor do their job well!

What are the benefits of oral hygiene at Da Vinci Dental?

Every doctor at DaVinci Dental is focused on maintaining the health of our patients' teeth and gums. Same as our teeth - implants, crowns, veneers, photopolymer or ceramic restorations need attention and care, both daily at home and once every six months in the dentist's office!

Clean and shiny teeth are the most effective way of prevention. They do not accumulate plaque, which is the main cause of damage to teeth and tissues surrounding our tooth!

How do we professional oral hygiene do?

During the whitening procedure, which is performed every 6 months, the doctor must monitor the hygiene of teeth, interdental spaces, the surface of the tongue, the condition of the enamel (stains and erosion processes), gums, adhesion of restorations to the tooth's own tissues. This allows to detect changes in the early stages which do not bother the patient now. These changes often "hide" under dental plaque and can lead to serious consequences.

By choosing delicate methods of cleaning enamel from plaque and tartar, we ensure the smoothness of the tooth surface, which prevents the rapid accumulation of bacteria, maintaining the health of teeth and gums, using the latest equipment:

  • Cavitron from the US manufacturer Dentsply
  • SonicFlex from the German manufacturer Kavo
  • NewTron p5 from the French manufacturer Satelec
  • AirFlow from the Japanese company NSK
  • Polishing systems NSK, Kavo, Dentsply