What is the advantage of our clinic in the endodontical treatment

Doctors at the Da Vinci Dental Clinic always try to save the pulp (nerve). However, in some cases, to preserve the tooth, it is necessary to carry out root canal treatment. Endodontics, a branch of dentistry that treats root canals, is seen as a complex area because we are dealing with tooth structures that are inaccessible to the human eye. But in our clinic, root canal treatment is a predictable manipulation thanks to experienced specialists, modern equipment and careful diagnostics.


How endodontic treatment works

An endodontist is a specialist who treats root canals, guided by experience, the latest research and modern standards of treatment: mandatory use of insulation (rubber dam), work with optics (microscope), filling canals with thermal methods and reference materials. We save "complex" teeth that previously needed to be removed and are still removed daily!

"Remove the nerve" is a phrase that used to scare patients, but with modern high-quality anesthesia, root canal treatment is the most comfortable and painless procedure.

The stage of diagnosis plays an important role in endodontics. We use 3D diagnostics to better understand the features of the inflammatory process and individual anatomy of the root system, which makes treatment more predictable.

Treatment is always performed with a rubber dam, which provides bilateral protection: during manipulations the patient's saliva does not get into the tooth cavity, which may contain pathogenic microorganisms, and for the doctor it gives a safe opportunity to irrigate (root canal lavage) antiseptic solutions in combination with ultrasound. which increases their antimicrobial action. They take away organic substances (pulp residues, bacteria) and create ideal conditions for hermetic obstruction of the lumen of the root canal.

Endotontic treatment stages

Mechanical cleaning is performed with nickel-titanium tools under the control of apexlocator - a device that determines the apex of the root.

Hot gutta-percha, which is introduced into the cavity, fills the lumen of the canal and its branches, and this prevents the development of infection in the future.

We perform all procedures under a microscope with 40 times magnification, which allows you to locally/delicately remove the destroyed tissue, while maintaining healthy tissue intact. Also, procedures under the microscope help to find channels invisible to the human eye and seal them tightly, remove pins or fragments of broken instruments, clean and close root perforations, bypass the steps. Endodontics "at random" is in the past!

We never close the treated canals with a filling because the composite filling quickly loses its tightness and clears the way for infection, as well as "crushes" the tooth walls under chewing pressure.

We restore the teeth with a dense material, which in its strength corresponds to the tooth tissues and cover with a ceramic pad or crown, depending on the amount of tissue left in the treatment process. This method of restoration is guaranteed to protect the tooth from cracks, chips and ensure tightness.

Dynamic monitoring of treated teeth is a must. Therefore, we call patients for re-examination, we conduct such patients at the dispensary, observing the dynamics of the process!