At Da Vinci Dental, we operate the “Magic Smile” teeth whitening system, one of the safest teeth whitening systems available.

Although whitening, changing the color of the enamel, is more cosmetic than a medical procedure, we treat it with great responsibility.


The bleaching gel has a low concentration of active substance. This allows the procedure to be comfortable and painless.

How do we do Teeth Whitening with Magic Smile

Bleaching requires only three to four intervals of 15 minutes. Before the procedure we thoroughly clean the tooth tissue and protect the mucous membrane with a special liquid rubber dam to maximize the whitening effect without any complications.

The patient receives the final result in 2-3 days after the procedure. To enhance the effect, a "white" diet is recommended for 10-14 days. Following all the recommendations makes the result stable for a long time.

What are the conditions for the teeth whitening procedure?

Comfort during the Magic Smile whitening procedure is a very important parameter. Focusing on the quality of work, we never forget to ensure a pleasant flow of time. You can choose an interesting movie or entertainment show to watch on monitors, soft and delicate blankets, etc.

Magic Smile whitening does not harm teeth, does not leach calcium and does not affect the risk of caries. That is, it is safe for the patient.

History of teeth whitening

It is worth noting that the first mention of bleaching was in the Roman Empire. The Romans bleached the enamel with uric or perchloric acid, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, peroxide ether, sulfuric acid, sodium hypophosphate and even potassium cyanide.

And only in the 20th century the principle of activating whitening substances with heat and light was discovered, and therefore, whitening substances have become less aggressive to the hard tissues of the tooth.

Teeth whitening can be performed in the clinic, at home, or it can be combined. But in any case, we have a chemical effect on the enamel and tissues of the tooth. That's why we vote for controlled whitening - that is, at the dentist. Splints can be prescribed for home use only if they have very low concentration of the active substance.

Teeth Whitening Effectiveness

The effectiveness of teeth whitening depends on many factors:

  • bleaching system itself
  • quality of tooth enamel (presence of cracks, thickness of enamel its transparency, available color)
  • the ability of enamel to change color
  • existing spots on the enamel (defects in the development of enamel such as hypoplasia, fluorosis, tetracycline spots, etc.)
    the patient's daily diet.

Recommendations after teeth whitening

To preserve and not lose the achieved shade of tooth enamel, it is necessary to follow the recommendations for care after the whitening procedure.


  • do not eat dyed food for 10-14 days (anything that can stain your white clothes can stain your white teeth)
  • do not drink coloring and acidic beverages
  • avoid products that have natural acids
  • refrain from smoking and other factors that can affect the color of your teeth.

Over time, teeth become covered with a biofilm barrier and become less vulnerable to staining elements, but to maintain the result for a long time, you should still reduce the use of such products in your diet.

The bleaching procedure can be repeated in 3-4 months to consolidate the effect of color restoration.

Mandatory photo protocol and observation is conducted. Therefore, you can safely entrust the beauty of your teeth to our team.